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employment opportunities in nigeria

Nigeria is a country with over 100 million people of differennt cultural backgrounds, the country has a vast mineral and natural resources e.g petroleum, coal, cocoa,liquidfied natural gas, amongst others. Due to its ever growing population, the need for more local companies to arise came up, there are several multinational companies in the countries like mobile, shell, chevron, siemens, coca-cola Read More...

Kaycee Records Brings The Latest Music Technology To Nigeria

Kaycee Records is a record lable, management, and promotions company using the latest technology music has to offer. They have been involved in the development and promotion of artists in and around the United Kingdom and United States. Kaycee Records has proudly developed a new initiative as they set their sights on the Nigerian music industry. Never before has the Nigerian music industry seen a Read More...

A New Hope for the Nigerian Music Industry

KAYCEE RECORDS is a record label, management, and promotions company that has been involved in the development and promotion of talent in and around the United Kingdom and United States and has recently developed a new initiative as they take Nigeria by storm. Kaycee Records has set out to discover the undiscovered and under privileged musical talent of Nigeria and empower these artists. Their go Read More...

UK Universities In Nigeria Source Of Reliable & Quality Education

The UK universities in Nigeria have been established with an objective to help the aspiring candidates take their career path to a whole new level despite all the economic turbulences. The communal tension, racial hatred and economic doldrums which often occur in Nigeria are in news most of the times. These disturbing situations have affected every field known to man including the educational aren Read More...

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